Windshield Wiper Blade Bosch A862S 3397007862

Product Specifications: Product Name: Wiper Blade BOSCH Aerotwin A862S Producer: Bosch Model ‎A862S Item Model Number ‎3397007862 Length No. 1: 600 mm Length no. 2 530 mm Pen Type : flat, non-articulated Handle Type: RBTL2.1 (16mm) Top Look Slim OEM Part Number ‎SWF:119 461,VALEO:577871 VWG :8u1955425; 8u1955426

Bosch aerotwin a862s is a set of two frameless wipers 600mm and 530mm long.

Bosch aerotwin a862s wiper has asymmetric spoiler to provide good cleaning effect. However, wipers with asymmetric spoilers are less common than wipers with symmetric spoilers.

Bosch aerotwin a862s is not suitable for right-hand drive vehicles and painted wiper systems.

Bosch aerotwin a862s is an analog of original parts: Audi 8u1955425; Audi 8u1955426; VW 8U1955425; VW 8U1955426

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Bosch Aerotwin A862S windshield wiper blades are the best-suited wipers for selected models of Audi, Porsche and Skoda

Audi: A5 (8F7, F57, F5E) 2009-06>

Audi: Q3 (8UB, 8UG) 06.2001 – 10.2018

Audi: TT (FV3, FVP, FV9, FVR) 07.2014 >

Porsche : Panamera (971) 05.2016 >

Skoda: Kodiaq (NS7, NV7) 10.2016 >


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