Bosch Wiper Blade Aerotwin A119S

OEM Part Number ‎DENSO:DF-062,VALEO:574678,VALEO:VF478,VALEO:VM478

Bosch Aerotwin A119S dedicated wipers are characterized by:

-A119S is short of  Bosch Aerotwin wiper blade 3397007502

-the appropriate length of individual feathers

– the curvature of the wiper blade corresponds perfectly to the curvature of the windshield

– the innovatively designed shape of the spoiler allows for proper pressure on the windshield and quiet operation

– the wipers have original mounts, which ensures quick and easy installation

– innovative blade design replaced the standard skeleton and ensured excellent wiping quality over the entire surface of the glass

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Product Specifications:

Product Name: Wiper Blade BOSCH Aerotwin A119S

Producer: Bosch

Catalog number: 3 397 007 502

Drive length          750 mm

Passenger length  650 mm

Pen Type : flat, non-articulated

Handle Type: VATL3.1

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