Bosch Aerotwin A187S 3397007187 Wiper Blade Set Length 600/450 mm

Brand:BOSCH Vehicle Service Type: Car Mounting Type:Pinch Tab UPC:759119208783 Global Trade :04047023469182 Item model number: ‎3397007187 Manufacturer Part Number:‎3 397 007 187 OEM Part Number:DENSO:DF-030,TRICO:NF6014,SWF:119 298,VALEO:574641,VALEO:VM441,VALEO:VF441

Product specification:
Product name: BOSCH Aerotwin A187S wiper
Manufacturer: Bosch GmbH
Catalog number: 3 397 007 187
EAN number: 4047023469182
Manufacturer’s number: A187S
Length of blade no. 1: 600 mm
Length of blade no. 2 450 mm
Pen type: flat, jointless
Handle type: RBTL2.0
Installation side: front
Quantity in package: 2


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Dedicated Bosch Aerotwin A187S wiper sets are the best-suited wipers for selected car models: Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Hyundai, Kia, Lancia, Skoda, Peugeot


Bosch Aerotwin model A187S dedicated wipers are characterized by:

– appropriate length of individual feathers,

– the curvature of the wiper blade perfectly corresponds to the curvature of the car window for which they are designed,

– the innovatively designed shape of the spoiler allows for proper pressure on the glass and quiet operation

– the wipers have original mountings, which ensure quick and easy installation

– innovative blade design replaced the standard frame and ensured excellent wiping quality over the entire glass surface

About Bosch Aerotwin A187S 3397007187 item

  • Bracketless Aerotwin wiper blade
  • Original equipment quality
  • Highest wiping quality, coated for smooth running
  • Low-noise wiping thanks to flexible rubber back
  • 30 % longer service life than conventional wiper bladesPerformance Flat-Blade Wiper with vehicle-specific original adapter
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