BOSCH 3 397 007 225 aerotwin original equipment replacement wiper blade

Product name: BOSCH Aerotwin A225S wiper Manufacturer: Bosch GmbH Catalog number: 3 397 007 225 EAN number: 4047024167315 Manufacturer's number: A225S Length of blade no. 1: 650 mm Length of blade no. 2 530 mm Pen type: flat, jointless Handle type: RBTL 2.0 (19mm) Installation side: front Quantity per package 2

Upgrade Program: Flat wipers for retrofitting

Aerotwin flat wipers can be retrofitted to vehicles with metal arm wipers and to conventional hook wiper arms. In the upgrade program there are Aerotwin with a pre-mounted adapter: just hook it up, secure it and it’s in place.

Excellent cleaning quality

Ideal cleaning performance at every point of the glass thanks to the Hightech spring-loaded rail and aerodynamically improved profile.

More comfort

Minimal aerodynamic noise thanks to the smaller surface area affected by airflow
Improved suitability for winter, as ice cannot stick to the metal frame and joints
Simple wiper change with the pre-assembled adapter for vehicles with hook wiper arms

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Dedicated Bosch Aerotwin A225S wiper sets are the best-suited wipers for selected car models: Citroen, Fiat, Peugeot;

Bosch Aerotwin A225S dedicated wipers are characterized by:

– appropriate length of individual feathers,

– the curvature of the wiper blade perfectly matches the curvature of the windshield,

– the innovatively designed shape of the spoiler allows for proper pressure on the glass and quiet operation

– the wipers have original mountings, which ensure quick and easy installation

– innovative blade design replaced the standard frame and ensured excellent wiping quality over the entire glass surface

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