3 397 007 116 BOSCH Wiper Blade for ,CITROËN,DS,PEUGEOT,RENAULT

Brand:BOSCH Part number:3 397 007 116 Left-/right-hand drive vehicles for left-hand drive vehicles Quantity Unit:Set Length 1 [mm]:600 Length 2 [mm]:400 Wiper blade type:Flat wiper blade

Key Features

  • Patented beam technology for a uniform wipe
  • Blended dual rubber compound with graphite coating for long life
  • Asymmetrical wind spoiler for better windshield contact
  • OE equivalent adapter for easy installation.
  • Quick and easy installation

2023 honda pilot accessoriesA116S 81124162 3397007116 automotive icon 3397007116 car wipers autozone 3397007116 rain x car wipers

Innovative design

Integrated aerodynamic airfoil

Longer life span

Uniform wear thanks to uniform contact pressure
Particularly resistant against insects and persistent pollutants

Bosch Aerotwin wiper first

The Bosch Aerotwin wiper is the absolute winner in all tests conducted by the German automobile club ADAC. It is the only wiper that was rated “very good” in a test with 10 different wipers from other companies. Their application was tested on a VW Golf IV, with particular emphasis on performance quality under different weather conditions. In addition, the wipers had to ‘prove’ their quality as new, as used and after exposure to artificial sunlight. The decision of the ADAC auditors was clear. Aerotwin stood out from the competition in all the tests. Overall, frameless wipers achieved better results than conventional wipers.
The Bosch Aerotwin was also rated “very good” for its long service lifeIts easy installation also contributed to the positive result. With the Multi Clip Adapter, Bosch makes the wiper user-friendly. The new pre-installed adapter is suitable for different types of brackets of the basic series of European passenger cars.

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